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Using rsync to Upload Large Files to the Remote Server

Using FTP is old school and unprofessional. When you need to upload a database file or large zip files from your local machine to the remote server, for example, using rsync can help.

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I once met a situation when I could not upload a large compressed css file to the remote server via any ftp softwares either FileZilla or Cyber Duck.

I could not figure out why even I’d tried to increase timeout setting, reduce the number of connection, etc. still it ends up the same.

Then I decided to transfer the file via SCP. But it was too slow as SCP always verifies its credentials at every connection established.

The other possible method is to use rsync upon this recommendation.

The syntax is simple:

rsync -avzh style.css vkhost@

Where /home/vkhost is the destination directory to have my style.css file moved to. It was done in just a blink of an eye for the file over 175kb.

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